This is distal and of course, is going to be the middle now the same thing rotate this degree now when dividing it this way this is going to your lingual this is going to be the middle and this is going to be your facial but you just turn this degrees-the reason that.

We divide teeth into thirds is that way when we talk about things like contact points we can describe accurately where they are more precisely chastity so what a contact point is where the mesial surface one two touches the distal surface the adjacent tooth well in the case central is going to be mesial surface of one central touching the mesial surface of the other central so example right here this is the distal surface of the maxillary central right and the ContactPoint is where the distal surface touching the mesial surface of a lateral one of the case of the centrioles your going to have the mesial surface touching the mesial surface of the other now right now we’re looking at this from facial lingual view right this is .

The facial surface and the axis that Landmark Dental you can see is going to be the incisal to the gingival axis you contrast that with the occlusal-view where now the axis is going to be the buccal lingual axis do you see what mean right here the bottom here is the incisal and the top is going to be gingival with a cervical so this is going to be the incisal gingival contact point whereas this side the top is the buccal and.

That can be a symptom of stroke but it is very rare why the stroke is important the reason is the stroke hop in annually about  million people will suffer from stroke in the world about fifty percent them will not survive for in Firestone year and who also says one out of DSP six people like four examples six of you are sitting in one place one of them might develop stroke in their lifetime and every other second the one person is getting a stroke and every six seconds one person is actually dying of stroke so the death due to the stroke is more than the death due to the AIDStuberculosis and malaria combined so incidence of strokes are increasing nowadays because the factors why people get stroke I think all of you should know that Hawaii they.

Get heart attack Similarly we have some personal risk factors like hypertension-diabetes high cholesterol causes increased blood pressure and causes stove the other risk factors are-cigarette smoking alcohol consumption a poor life lifestyle I think all of us including doctors and engineers are more stressed and you’ll be working from morning nine o’clock till six o’clock or hour job or nine or job so a lot of patients will come and tell sir you are right that we have to do physical activity but.

we don’t have time I think have to take care of us first and then you take care of your company so important thing is if you are fine and healthy you can do more work it important that you have to take care of our health as we know on the health is wealth is always very important to keep you yourself and your body fit at least the.

With back to school season upon us, lunch box grind will soon begin.So, I wanted to give you three great ideas for packed lunches, might-already using some might already have sitting in your fridge.I’ll be demonstrating these lunches, in my new favorite lunchbox, called the Omie Box.It is the most versatile lunch box around.In fact, I just went out and bought two for my girls and one for myself, I think they’re so great.I’ll put all the information in the description.Okay, so let’s pack some lunch.So, you know how you might have some leftover chicken sitting in the fridge?This usually happens to us on Monday, when we make a big roast chicken on Sunday.So, what I do, is I take a cup of chicken broth, pour it into a small saucepan.

Add the leftover chicken.And then add some frozen peas and frozen carrots, which I always have sitting in my freezer.And then add a little bit of dried basil.It’s a kind of herb that, I think, works really well for kids, because it’s sweet.Simmer this mixture and then you can go ahead and pour it into the thermos compartment.This is what I love about this lunchbox.The thermos is actually part of the lunchbox.So, you don’t have a separate thermostat you then also have to pack.And then you can just fasten the top.And presto, your little soup is ready to go.And then in the compartment above, I’ll pack some fresh fruit.Mangos and blueberries, as a mixture.

It’s a great flavor Lunch Boxes combination and I also just think the colors are so pretty.And then in the long compartment to the left, what’s nice about this, is it has a little divider.So you can move that around, depending on what you want to pack.So, I usually will just put an even split, and pack some crackers, which is nice to go with the soup.And then, on the other side, I’ll tuck in some snap peas.And, that is a great snack idea, moms, ‘s if you’re trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables.Because, you can serve them raw, so they are a ton of nutrients in it, and they’re so sweet.They actually don’t realize they’re eating a green vegetable.Might give it a try.

Discuss something I’m sure most of you have heard about and that antioxidants these are one of the ways your body helps to neutralize free radicals you might have heard of free radical before and Basically, these have byproducts caused by burning the fuel your body needs and can damage cells and tissues throughout your body and them can also increase the acceleration of the aging process so they’re really important compounds so what’s the best way to compensate for them eating a healthy and duck healthy diet is clearly most important way that you can misstep that you can take to optimize your antioxidant levels.

If you haven’t viewed my healthy nutrition plan I’d strongly encourage you to do so and there’s a link for that on our home page so it’s it’s a newly updated and has lots of good information that will help you optimize your diet to increase your antioxidants and now briefly an taxes can be divided into two broad categories one is water soluble and the other is fat soluble however interestingly there’s one of the most important ones which is assess Anthon is actually both its water and fat Seibel which is one of the reasons why it’s so profoundly effective it’s also important to know that one is not necessarily better than the other and today I’d like to talk about one important answer X antioxidant that.

I typically don’t mention liposomal vitamin c mention but nevertheless is really crucial for your optimal health and this is the granddaddy of antioxidants and one the first ones ever discovered and that is vitamin C or the chemical term-ascorbic acid now aside from being an important nutrient and antioxidant vitamin C is also helpful in the synthesis of collagen and maintaining your optimal bone density recent studies have also found that about one-third of the population is actually deficient in vitamin C and about % are seriously deficient now to give you an idea if you-might fall into one of these categories I’m going to list some of the types of individuals that would be prone to vitamin C deficiency and these would by smokers the elderly those that live highly polluted by sermons and those that vigorously exercised especially if you do that in unpolluted environment outside now as I said the ideal way to obtain vitamin.

I my name is Marlene cats I’m the founder of intelligence consents we realize now that people are bus sometimes their time crunch so we have our hours so that it suits everybody needs were open early in the morning to late in the evening weekends and we even just created a spa flex plan you could sign up for a yearly program to take care of your own wellness hi I’mCourtney you must be Marlene nice to meet you meet you too Courtney welcome to intelligent skin fence thank you so much so how did you hear about us my girlfriend Heather actually told me about it she’s been coming here.

I have been working like a dog lately so I needed to come in and get some therapy will you were really gonna relax today have a great day planned for you so by the end of the day you’re gonna feel very very relaxed good well my friend Michael is coming he’s running late from the tree but I just talked to him and he’s on his way so I said I will get you all situated under phone oh here is now hi how are you good I’m so sorry I’m late hi Mike it’s nice to meet you are you ready for your treatments yes all right I’m gonna get you changed into your robes oh great a pump one of the unique things about the spas that we offer really wonderful treatment that you would typically find at a destination spa or in a metropolitan-city but it’s right here in FairfieldCounty Mike this is Karen Karen’s gonna do your massage today in Courtney this is Jenny she’s ready to fish at you well enjoy your treatment we will look at four words here we are Courtney’s going to be receiving the lymphatic face treatment.

It’s gonna firm and Sylva Dentist tone her skin she’s gonna feel so relaxed the whole color of her skin is gonna be even taken away under eye puffiness and it works with these two little glass probes a little massage technique with a bit of suction we add nutrients to the skin and the Machine actually carries the nutrients further and further into the mike is receiving a Swedish massage and also we’re doing it with hot stones itis a wonderful treatment for relaxing the muscles and heat works so well on the body to relax the muscles.

Then my associate charges the best way to get an accurate assessment of the cost for a hair restoration procedure is by actually seeing the doctor in person if you go to their office and you point out the areas that you’re concerned about talk about what your goals are the doctor can give you an estimate in terms of the numbers of grafts and the cost for that harvest method a less accurate method but if you’re dealing with a physician by email or by phone if you send in photos the doctor can give you a fairly accurate estimate in terms of the number of grafts that might be required and the cost for.

The different FUE Alternative harvest methods good morning everyone today we have cancer patient will be doing fue hair restoration reinforcing zones & the hairline going back seven styling leaders going into Zone two as well the goal is to target around thirty five-hundred grams you’re excited Kim I ‘m very excited you excited any last-minute thoughts you want to share concerns of what you’re looking forward and having done initially I’m so nervous to say anything right nowI’m nervous okay in a few minutes the medication we gave you take in and you should be very happy sounds good we’re saving your daughter using right now can you have lots of multiples donor region looks fantastic forward it really.

Goodthe goal is to target, grafts in your donor region and then the year out it’s going to look fantastic all right can you’re going to feel market in your donor region this is the area that we’re going to harvest your grafts like I mentioned we’re just making a grid to break down your donor region into equal boxes and target roughly around between two from each square bring your chin down a bit-greatness in a few seconds.

Medication only temporarily Sports Medicine covers up the problem but eventually the pain will come back and usually gets worse in our clinic recombine the best in physical therapy chiropractic and medical pain management-to not only relieve the pain but to also fix the condition for the long term so I’d like to invite you to our clinic fora one-on-one consultation and a tour of our facility to meet with one of our doctors to see if we can help you with your neck or shoulder pain call the number below or click on our website to schedule a free consultation today we look forward to meeting you.

just it just hurts my feelings man should but it does and that weird I’m sorry is they’re drawn halt here cuss I’m gonna try to get some sneaky frenzies I’d fuck no way no way fuck you bitches that just fucking happen yeah Wow can you tell me where they hopped out from on top the window I’m looking at I don’t know what you’re looking at home hang on what has happened I don’t know got fitful this up for me we got a good round there too right there’s three four left a little nope oh I don’t.

Even know those they’re good awful serious good kill get back inside of Norma I was like yeah I think this is a good way to go you think so yeah you have a drone you want me to babysit it for you I can yeah yeah actually just take it through the drone hole good one you already got one oh he’s he’s on one he’s got a drone inside all right I Don’t think I seen anybody up top there’s to where they’ll top you saw him look at the fucking thing look at thatching there is shoot it can you shoot through.

The drama hole Longmont Chiropractor down to one friend got a nice job on take your drawing in some more yep he’s right there okay I’ll keep an eye on it playing this video game see yes tell me if he moves hey still in video games still on video games he’s still on video games I didn’t scare him he’s still on their auto activity neutralize the threat he’s still in there okay he’s he’s off he’s still in that corner he’s looking down yeah yeah good fucking job oh yeah.

If you righteously me how much you feel down here you feel a needle going in at all right now yeah no okay good answer okay I’m gonna come get her side now the fact that I still feel bad that’s okay so yeah let me tell you what you should expect you should expect to actually feel quite a bit of moving pushing prodding pulling none of it discomforting and no sharp pain but you’ll have vibe you know you’ll senses moving around which I don’t want youth feel as this anything sharp okay are you doing okay.

There yeah okay I can feel their video real low right here yeah okay it’s not painful I just feel you know make it kind of dragon Breast Augmentation Denver playwright’s your feeling little shock okay fair enough up hereof and on you know I felt it and it stopped you doing all right there slight pain very slight okay hello I’m dr. Michael gardener I’m aboard-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery and I’m excited to show you today my technique for local anesthesia breast augmentation otherwise known.

As awake breast augmentation I offer both the general anesthesia and local technique and this has come about by patients of mine who have wanted the procedure done but are scared to go under general anesthesia I’d like to introduce Denver breast augmentation my patient to you Elena I really don’t like being put to sleep the whole you know with the medication being knocked out the recovery after having to wake unfeeling sick so I think this is the perfect way of me getting the results that I want without having to deal with the side effects.

of being put to sleep the first step is giving patients some medications to relax them a little bitten we bring them into the operating room table after they lie down and all the usual prepping and draping happens Make a small injection of numbing medication in the area where we’re going to make the incision in the skin so Elena you’re going to feel this a little bit on the lower incision here just little bee sting here okay how was that first side not too bad.

The glass I’m gonna dentist in la grange find you what is this toothpaste locks don’t touch them don’t touch em how it’s like pink slide on the wall okay jump on the little ball I kind of look like little pink ice cream scoop where am I on the rooftop now okay so what am I gonna do what am I gonna do careful careful jump to the other side if you Pam is about to flood you slime don’t fall in the pond to fall don’t fall under when you look at it to Theseus’s inaudible pipe the dentist’s office you guys know under get my teeth.

cleaned here again there’s a base YWHA do I keep going up I feel like Should be going down where am I going why is there so much up ah more ladders okay I hope I don’t fall whereto he is doctor dentist he’s so evil Oh jumping to an orthodox snow Wow well so weird this guy totally needs check-up he’s missing so many teeth and they look like they’re like rotting dental office out well you know I’m stepping on his rotted teeth this was a black one that one’s totally cavity encrusted uh-huh into the mouth okay I’m excited enough with all this tape and you can depend on my parents okay we’re totally inside of this diet no he’s gotta go down.

into a stomach you know you know we’ll just probably a whole bunch of sweets and candy yes look Matthias Pizza though YUM but is there some sort of carrot an apple yeah right a pie banana Apple Apple take that I thought the slime I touched was stomach acid what coachman what is this Wow[Music]kill this blood cells what’s up this is the weirdest day at the dentist’s office like I can’t believe it what is this now it was like gas coming out yeah yeah Think we’re in the colon oh I think I’m jumping on poo pie this is oh well then let it be into the tunnel I hope I don’t jump into a toilet bowl no that’s it.

I’m going home no more dentist office alright cookie fans I hope you enjoyed this trip at the dentist’s office thank you so much for being absolutely incredible I am so happy that you guys are enjoying watching me play roadblock at all of your guys amazing comments thank you so much you guys stay-awesome and I will see you cookies in my next videos bye on your befall right cookies now well were you paying attention can you name all four colors of the toothbrushes that I had to jump on you thought cookie bands keep your teeth freaky freaky squeaky clean good morning today we are making a video on opening and closing the dental office okay.




Congress doesn’t take Trump seriously I wonder why.-I’m president. Can you believe it?-No.No. They can’t.They can’t.Just take one basic detail of the bill,which is that it repeals most of Obama care’s taxes,resulting in more than $ billion in tax breaks,mostly for wealthy families.Senators apparently raised that issue during a White House meeting with Trump this week,but according to the Senators who were present at the meeting,Trump seemed to have no idea what they were talking about. A senator who supports the bill left the meeting.

At the White House with a sense that the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan.-Watching this president try to negotiates complex piece of legislation’s like playing “Call of Duty” with your grandmother.

Which one is me?Why can’t I go that way?Oh, no! They’re shooting at us!”Trump apparently did not like that story because he lashed out at the Times on Twitter, writing If you know the subject well,you’d know the goal isn’t victory,it’s good health care. I know baseball very Welland want many touchdowns for our team. Also, any time any time Trump shouts or says “Wrong.

it’s a classic tell that what he’s being accused of is accurate.Remember Donald supported the invasion of Iraq.-Wrong. -That is absolutely Wrong proved over and over again.-Wrong.-He leaned into the mic like he was.