The glass I’m gonna dentist in la grange find you what is this toothpaste locks don’t touch them don’t touch em how it’s like pink slide on the wall okay jump on the little ball I kind of look like little pink ice cream scoop where am I on the rooftop now okay so what am I gonna do what am I gonna do careful careful jump to the other side if you Pam is about to flood you slime don’t fall in the pond to fall don’t fall under when you look at it to Theseus’s inaudible pipe the dentist’s office you guys know under get my teeth.

cleaned here again there’s a base YWHA do I keep going up I feel like Should be going down where am I going why is there so much up ah more ladders okay I hope I don’t fall whereto he is doctor dentist he’s so evil Oh jumping to an orthodox snow Wow well so weird this guy totally needs check-up he’s missing so many teeth and they look like they’re like rotting dental office out well you know I’m stepping on his rotted teeth this was a black one that one’s totally cavity encrusted uh-huh into the mouth okay I’m excited enough with all this tape and you can depend on my parents okay we’re totally inside of this diet no he’s gotta go down.

into a stomach you know you know we’ll just probably a whole bunch of sweets and candy yes look Matthias Pizza though YUM but is there some sort of carrot an apple yeah right a pie banana Apple Apple take that I thought the slime I touched was stomach acid what coachman what is this Wow[Music]kill this blood cells what’s up this is the weirdest day at the dentist’s office like I can’t believe it what is this now it was like gas coming out yeah yeah Think we’re in the colon oh I think I’m jumping on poo pie this is oh well then let it be into the tunnel I hope I don’t jump into a toilet bowl no that’s it.

I’m going home no more dentist office alright cookie fans I hope you enjoyed this trip at the dentist’s office thank you so much for being absolutely incredible I am so happy that you guys are enjoying watching me play roadblock at all of your guys amazing comments thank you so much you guys stay-awesome and I will see you cookies in my next videos bye on your befall right cookies now well were you paying attention can you name all four colors of the toothbrushes that I had to jump on you thought cookie bands keep your teeth freaky freaky squeaky clean good morning today we are making a video on opening and closing the dental office okay.