If you righteously me how much you feel down here you feel a needle going in at all right now yeah no okay good answer okay I’m gonna come get her side now the fact that I still feel bad that’s okay so yeah let me tell you what you should expect you should expect to actually feel quite a bit of moving pushing prodding pulling none of it discomforting and no sharp pain but you’ll have vibe you know you’ll senses moving around which I don’t want youth feel as this anything sharp okay are you doing okay.

There yeah okay I can feel their video real low right here yeah okay it’s not painful I just feel you know make it kind of dragon Breast Augmentation Denver playwright’s your feeling little shock okay fair enough up hereof and on you know I felt it and it stopped you doing all right there slight pain very slight okay hello I’m dr. Michael gardener I’m aboard-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery and I’m excited to show you today my technique for local anesthesia breast augmentation otherwise known.

As awake breast augmentation I offer both the general anesthesia and local technique and this has come about by patients of mine who have wanted the procedure done but are scared to go under general anesthesia I’d like to introduce Denver breast augmentation my patient to you Elena I really don’t like being put to sleep the whole you know with the medication being knocked out the recovery after having to wake unfeeling sick so I think this is the perfect way of me getting the results that I want without having to deal with the side effects.

of being put to sleep the first step is giving patients some medications to relax them a little bitten we bring them into the operating room table after they lie down and all the usual prepping and draping happens Make a small injection of numbing medication in the area where we’re going to make the incision in the skin so Elena you’re going to feel this a little bit on the lower incision here just little bee sting here okay how was that first side not too bad.