Discuss something I’m sure most of you have heard about and that antioxidants these are one of the ways your body helps to neutralize free radicals you might have heard of free radical before and Basically, these have byproducts caused by burning the fuel your body needs and can damage cells and tissues throughout your body and them can also increase the acceleration of the aging process so they’re really important compounds so what’s the best way to compensate for them eating a healthy and duck healthy diet is clearly most important way that you can misstep that you can take to optimize your antioxidant levels.

If you haven’t viewed my healthy nutrition plan I’d strongly encourage you to do so and there’s a link for that on our home page so it’s it’s a newly updated and has lots of good information that will help you optimize your diet to increase your antioxidants and now briefly an taxes can be divided into two broad categories one is water soluble and the other is fat soluble however interestingly there’s one of the most important ones which is assess Anthon is actually both its water and fat Seibel which is one of the reasons why it’s so profoundly effective it’s also important to know that one is not necessarily better than the other and today I’d like to talk about one important answer X antioxidant that.

I typically don’t mention liposomal vitamin c mention but nevertheless is really crucial for your optimal health and this is the granddaddy of antioxidants and one the first ones ever discovered and that is vitamin C or the chemical term-ascorbic acid now aside from being an important nutrient and antioxidant vitamin C is also helpful in the synthesis of collagen and maintaining your optimal bone density recent studies have also found that about one-third of the population is actually deficient in vitamin C and about % are seriously deficient now to give you an idea if you-might fall into one of these categories I’m going to list some of the types of individuals that would be prone to vitamin C deficiency and these would by smokers the elderly those that live highly polluted by sermons and those that vigorously exercised especially if you do that in unpolluted environment outside now as I said the ideal way to obtain vitamin.