I my name is Marlene cats I’m the founder of intelligence consents we realize now that people are bus sometimes their time crunch so we have our hours so that it suits everybody needs were open early in the morning to late in the evening weekends and we even just created a spa flex plan you could sign up for a yearly program to take care of your own wellness hi I’mCourtney you must be Marlene nice to meet you meet you too Courtney welcome to intelligent skin fence thank you so much so how did you hear about us my girlfriend Heather actually told me about it she’s been coming here.

I have been working like a dog lately so I needed to come in and get some therapy will you were really gonna relax today have a great day planned for you so by the end of the day you’re gonna feel very very relaxed good well my friend Michael is coming he’s running late from the tree but I just talked to him and he’s on his way so I said I will get you all situated under phone oh here is now hi how are you good I’m so sorry I’m late hi Mike it’s nice to meet you are you ready for your treatments yes all right I’m gonna get you changed into your robes oh great a pump one of the unique things about the spas that we offer really wonderful treatment that you would typically find at a destination spa or in a metropolitan-city but it’s right here in FairfieldCounty Mike this is Karen Karen’s gonna do your massage today in Courtney this is Jenny she’s ready to fish at you well enjoy your treatment we will look at four words here we are Courtney’s going to be receiving the lymphatic face treatment.

It’s gonna firm and Sylva Dentist tone her skin she’s gonna feel so relaxed the whole color of her skin is gonna be even taken away under eye puffiness and it works with these two little glass probes a little massage technique with a bit of suction we add nutrients to the skin and the Machine actually carries the nutrients further and further into the mike is receiving a Swedish massage and also we’re doing it with hot stones itis a wonderful treatment for relaxing the muscles and heat works so well on the body to relax the muscles.