The Lazy Man’s Guide To World War 1 Tours

The pace of life in Hanoi is much more relaxed that frenetic Ho Chi Minh in the south and whilst it has developed over recent years and embraced tourism it retains a refreshing old-world charm [Music] nyan nyan is a beautiful beach resort built around a charming fishing village the seafront resorts are low rise with landscaped gardens making new in a developed yet attractive beach complex with a reputation as the adrenaline capital of southern Vietnam muin is a popular surf destination between August and December when the waves arrive while the.

world war 1 tours

Gales from October to April attract the wind and kite surfers the famous red and white sand dunes are perfect photo opportunity as the changing wind sculpt the vivid sands while for the more adventurous some sledding is possible a scenic trek to ferry spring follows a stream from the sea all the way to its source while the th.

Century cham tower offered sweeping views of new in town [Music] sabha located meters above sea level sloppy is the former french hill station nestled in the rugged Tonkinese alps and surrounded by lush valleys and verdant rice paddy fields here farmers and conical hats plow the fields with water buffalo and local ethnic minority.

Groups such as H Hmong and Dao maintain their age-old traditions and way of life including their own language and wearing intricately embroidered traditional clothing slothy is an overnight train journey Northwest from Hanoi into the mountains near the Chinese border cooler than the city xalapa is ideal for hiking and pristine.

Scenery and visiting the ethnic minority villages depending on your fitness level you can arrange anything from gentle walks to challenging hikes [Music] kondou island a chain of islands and islets kongou is one of the unknowns star attractions with stunning deserted beaches coral reefs scenic bays and thick forests the islands are the perfect place.

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