Natural Health Products – What Are They?


The term natural health products is commonly used in Canada to define non-health products like vitamins and minerals, homeopathic medicines, herbal preparations, energy beverages, probiotics, and other alternative and traditional medical medicines. A survey conducted in 2021 indicated that 73% of Canadians regularly use NHP in their daily routine. This amount is expected to rise over the next few years as consumers become more familiar with these products. With the ever-increasing demand, many manufacturers are emerging with new products to offer consumers with improved health. In addition, the government is also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of promoting natural health products, hence the growing cabinet supports for these products.

Many products that fall under the natural health products category fall under four broad classifications. The first category is homeopathic medicines. These contain no synthetic chemicals and are considered to be effective treatments for minor ailments. The second category is made of a mixture of substances that have been standardized for homeopathic purposes. Such medications do not meet the standard required by countries that require good manufacturing practices.

The third sub-set is made of substances that do not fall under the category of homeopathic medicines. Such products contain organic ingredients that also have a beneficial effect on the body. The fourth set is comprised of synthetic ingredients and can be harmful when taken in large quantities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the natural health products you buy are safe when consumed. To this end, good manufacturing practices are essential. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to use good manufacturing practices and secure packaging when marketing health products.

The fourth sub-set of homeopathic medicines falls under the category of therapeutic grade. This means that the substances are capable of treating medical conditions that require higher concentrations of active ingredient. Homeopathic medicine can never reach the safety dosage level of the therapeutic grade because of this; hence, therapeutic grade items need to be prescribed by a physician.

The fifth sub-set of natural health products deals with over the counter supplements that help to heal ailments in the body without the necessity of taking prescription drugs. Such items include nutritional supplements that help to boost the immune system of the body and maintain a good vision. These supplements should be bought only after consulting your doctor, as they may contain contaminants that can harm the body. The sixth and seventh sets of natural health products fall under the category of organic health products.

Natural health products come in various forms like drinks, lotions, oils and creams. You can purchase any of these products online and get them shipped directly to your home. However, before buying any of these products, you should always refer to the packaging and ingredients of the natural health products. The natural health products that are sold in drug stores are typically not in a form that is suitable for home use.